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The Larkin docu was actually a little disappointing, I thought. It was sad. The focus was obviously on death and love... but really, there was more than just death and love. The footage of Hull looked miserable, the spring bank cemetary didn't look as beautiful as it did in March. But there is so much more, and somehow I always feel that Larkin is never done justice. Maybe I just don't like the truth, and I prefer to believe in his affirmations of faith, rather than his denial of it.

When everything seems hopeless, I like to believe there is hope somewhere. Even if it is hidden & unseen.

This is the Larkin that I love, with all the shit and the kids fucking and the aubade and those high voyeuristic windows. People are soon to forget the dancer, somehow, in addition:

The Dancer

Or falling leaf,
Which ought I to imitate
In my dancing?

And if she were to admit
The world weaved by her feet
Is leafless, is incomplete?
And if she abandoned it,
Broke the pivoted dance,
Set loose the audience?
Then would the moon go raving,
The moon, the anchorless
Moon go swerving
Down to the earth for a catastrophic kiss.

~ Philip Larkin, 1943-4

But maybe I am wrong. Believe in the negative indicative, the toads, Mr Bleaney, the importance of elsewhere... but never the dancer. Never the leaf or the butterfly. Never the catastrophic kiss.
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