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i've recently started work as an assistant librarian in a small college of higher education in lincoln. our head librarian, a librarian of the old school, has been here thirty six years. now there is a point to this because our college - bishop grosseteste - used to get it's degrees finalised by the university of hull, just an hour away from us here. so the odds that our librarian and the university of hull's famous head librarian knew each other were fairly high. in fact if what i read about larkin's time as a librarian at hull is anything to go by, i'd say that he and our librarian would be in some way kindred spirits

so yesterday, i broached the topic with him. and the answer was rather tantalising to say the least. he looked at me and went "oh the librarian of hull? oh yes. i knew him alright. in fact i had a rather unusual one on one interview with the man. a very odd occasion that..." and just as he was about to explain what it was, suddenly someone came in for urgent business and the moment was lost

but by god, i will find out what this occasion was and report back! consider me tantalised!
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